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Best Home Insurance In Texas

According to a study by the Center for Public Police Priorities, 1.2 million children living in Texas do not have medical insurance. Almost 40% of future mothers are not observed by a doctor before birth and among the seven newborns one is born prematurely. Among children with insurance, 90% are healthy, among those with no insurance, only 58% can be considered as healthy.


Texas is located on the 41st place by the number of uninsured children, while the unemployment rate in the state is lower than the country. When uninsured children are ill, parents have no choice but to drive them in the ambulance to the hospital. This service cannot provide the necessary assistance, at the appropriate level, especially in case of chronic diseases, such as asthma and diabetes. Actually, ambulance and should not do such things. For this there is a family doctor, who just don’t turn to families without insurance. The most sad thing is that approximately half of uninsured children have the right (income parents) on Medicaid or CHIP. However, parents either don’t know what will get free insurance for children or have not attended to apply, or staff not completed the design of these statements.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the government of Texas curtailed the funds for Medicaid and CHIP by 2.03 billion dollars for the period 2012-13 biennium. 800 billion of this money previously used for the payment of doctors. This measure might lead (if not already led) to the fact that doctors will stop accepting these insurance, which would complicate the search of Dr. even when insured.

The damage from the explosion at the plant of mineral fertilizers in the American West Texas, is estimated to local insurance companies, more than 100 million.

Explosion occurred late in the evening of April 17, at the moment when the firefighters extinguished the fire at the plant, which is operated by a company West Fertilizer. The blast wave damaged or almost completely destroyed more than 140 neighboring structures, including a school, a home for the elderly and high-rise residential building. According to the latest data, as a result of this incident, 14 people were killed and about 200 were injured. Most of the victims of the disaster – firemen and medics.

From the situation in Texas, insurance housing situation is bad. Every us citizen should have all types of insurance, “my personal opinion”.

In Texas often earthquakes and typhoons, these natural forces are very scary, they destroy houses in just a few minutes !

Best home insurance in texas, needed as a pledge of confidence in the future, for people not having housing cannot be certain in my life.

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