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Colorado Car Insurance

Colorado Car Insurance
Information on Colorado car insurance, and the Colorado Division of Insurance the following:

The market for automobile insurance in Colorado experienced high competition because there are innumerable companies that provide such insurance. Regarding the statistics given in 2003, the average premium for inhabitant is approximately 1 074 $

System Colorado car insurance subject to the Colorado Division of Insurance. Unit from time to time take a variety of new initiatives to create a better environment in the country.

Important functions undertaken by the Colorado Division of Insurance, the following:
1.The establishment of a competitive environment in the state.
2.Development effective regulatory process.
3.Gives education to consumers.
4.Protects consumer interest.

Unit generally relies on the state of Colorado General Fund to collect the revenue.

Colorado car insurance addition:
(In 2008, Senator Betty Boyd Colorado, the General Assembly is the author of the Bill-60, which was adopted by the Parliament and signed by the Governor bill Ritter the same year. Senate bill-60 provides CATPA with ongoing funding of $1 per insured vehicle, each year until sunset review in 2018. As a result, CATPA for more than eight years, about $4 million a year to help vehicle theft training, prevention, investigation, law enforcement and prosecution.)
Insurance against theft and theft of the car costs $ 1 per year, I think this is a very good addition, but it is not mandatory insurance and optionally.

Here is an example Colorado car insurance:mandatory amount – the minimum amount of liability insurance requires Colorado law

1.$15,000 per accident for property damage;

2.$25,000 per person for bodily injury;

2.$50,000 in road accident injuries;Comparing with other States there is a difference in money, but it depends on the legislative framework of each state, and economy.